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Why use us

  • Our service is free for candidates. 


  • We represent your very best interests and our role is to make sure potential employers fully understand your transferrable skills and qualifications.

  • Our job is to find you the position you desire. We are candidate-driven. That means we lead with your aspirations.


  • We make it hassle-free. We’ll work with you and help guide you towards your chosen career path.

  • Even if you’ve already found a role or you’re pursuing an opportunity, we’re still happy to help you to secure that job.


  • We're another key support for you and will work closely with all your networks, such as your NZDF Career Transition Coach and other career guidance services.


  • We don’t give up. We’ll explore every opportunity on your behalf. 


  • After you’ve secured your new role and you’re settled, we’ll continue to be there. And we’ll guide you throughout the various stages of your career.

First steps
When we receive your registration email, we’ll review your CV and then make contact, usually within 48 hours. We’ll tee-up a meeting to run through your CV and understand more about what you want to do next and explore what you could do next. We’ll then go out to potential employers. Get in touch today to start the ball rolling.

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